What to Expect When You Visit Our Chiropractors

Our office is set up as a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We ensure a compassionate and gentle first appointment with your chiropractor

We will collect a detailed history of your health so that we can accurately prepare your file. You will then be met by your friendly chiropractor who will conduct a thorough and gentle examination revolving around three key areas: orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic. Our aim is to establish first of all whether chiropractic care is the right option for you, then, if this is the case, we will continue to discuss your proposed plan of care with you, alternative treatments available, and any potential risks you may face.

The staff at Alive Chiropractic Mudgeeraba are dedicated to ensuring our clients are fully aware of the proposed chiropractic process as we believe this is imperative to achieving the most desirable results. The more you understand about your treatment, the more you can get out of it.

We provide a detailed Report of Findings as part of your chiropractic care

After the first chiropractic adjustment has been conducted, we then give you a Report of Findings.

We will highlight how your chiropractic care plan is targeted to your specific areas of concern and give you recommendations for the next action to take from here. We take the time to listen to your specific goals and answer any questions of concern you may have.

Our Chiropractors at Alive Chiropractic Mudgeeraba use a variety of Chiropractic techniques (Diversified, SOT, Drop Piece, Activator and soft tissue techniques) to help you. These Chiropractic Adjustments are combined with lifestyle suggestions to compliment your care.

Call to find out further information about our practice and services

Contact our clinic in Mudgeeraba for any enquiries you may have about our chiropractors and the care they provide.