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Posture Chiropractor

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)


Advanced Bio-structural Correction ABC TM was developed by Dr Jesse Jutkowitz.

ABCTM helps the body to correct only the things that it cannot correct itself. The main aspect of these structurally are forward slumping vertebrae and adhesions in the meninges around the spinal cord.

The specific adjustments are often performed standing or involve a full body stretch.

ABC technique delivers great results for posture and correcting our bodies that tend to slump forward.

Lachlan Taylor Chiropractor

Diversified Technique


Diversified Chiropractic Technique is the most commonly used adjustment technique by Chiropractors. Diversified is characterised by a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust. Diversified Technique is differentiated from other techniques in that its objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of spine and joint dysfunction.

Diversified Technique has helped millions of people. It is the foundation technique in Chiropractic.

Vanessa Taylor

     Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT)


Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) is a comprehensive, gentle and innovative technique of Chiropractic. It is so named because of the relationship between the Sacrum (base of the spine) and the Occiput (base of the skull).

The pelvis forms the foundational support of the human skeleton. It supports the upper body right up to the skull, and enables us to transfer our weight to our legs. The spine holds our body upright, supports all of our organs and provides anchor points for our muscles. It also protects our nervous system. The nervous system controls our body, and can only function normally when our structures are balanced and our pelvis is stable.

SOT is a low force technique that realigns the body using wedges and gentle adjustments.

Emma Hall Chiropractor

Activator Methods

The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a chiropractic treatment method and device created by Arlan Fuhr as an alternative to manual manipulation of the spine or extremity joints. The device is categorized as a mechanical force manual assisted (MFMA) instrument which is generally regarded as a softer chiropractic treatment technique.

Activator Methods uses an instrument to gently realign the vertebrae. It is gentle and effective.

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