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About us

Our Chiropractors take the time to really listen and first understand your concerns.  They are well equipped to help you with your health concern and always rest assured, if we cannot help you we will let you know and find someone who can.


Our Chiropractors are registered with both AHPRA, the Australian Chiropractic Board Registration body and the General Chiropractic council in the UK.

Our Chiropractors are well equipped to look after the whole family. In fact many families enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic care from keeping mum and dad working and on the sports team, helping mum during her pregnancy and to looking after the kids. 

Our Chiropractors have had further experience and post graduate study in pregnancy care and children’s chiropractic.

With a caring team of chiropractic professionals and a warm and inviting atmosphere, our clinic has been designed to provide the best quality of care  in a comfortable setting. Our chiropractors fully understand the vital relationship shared between your spine and your nervous system and are committed to finding the right form of chiropractic care for your individual circumstances so you can reach your goals.

Lachie Taylor Chiropractor
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