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The Triangle of Health

You may remember hearing about the three T’s Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts when you first arrived in the practice.  These are the ways that we get subluxations and over a lifetime can add up.  They are also a great way to look at how our health is in general.  In fact, these three concepts are often referred to as the triangle of Health.

I like to use the words Physical (traumas), Chemical (toxins) and Mental (thoughts) to explain the same things.

When we place them into a triangle we can see that each of these have an equal importance on getting and keeping good health and wellness.

Chemical is all the nutrients that we get into our bodies and all the toxins that we are exposed to.

Mental are our thoughts and metal stressors, these include love and good thoughts which help make us healthier and stressors and negative emotions which will bring our health down

Structural involves our movements and activity including walking, working, playing sports and the gym. It includes our falls knocks and accidents and perhaps most apparent to us here in the office, it includes the alignment and efficiency of the spine and nervous system.

Which of these three aspects are you the best at?

If you could pick one that needs the most attention which would it be?

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