What's changed in the way that we eat?

They say that the “genetic constitution has changed relatively little since the modern human beings nearly 40 000 years ago.  Even the development of agriculture 10,000 years ago has apparently had a minimal influence on our genes”. In fact, our genes have changed less than 0.2% in that time.1

But what has changed dramatically is our diet and our lifestyle.  Let’s look at a couple of drastic changes to our diet (the most significant of the Chemical factors)

Sugar Intake

  • In 1700, the average person consumed approximately 4.9 grams of sugar each day (1.81 kg per year).

In 1800, the average person consumed approximately 22.4 grams of sugar each day (10.2 kg per year).

  • In 1900, the average person consumed approximately 112 grams of sugar each day (40.8 kg per year).

  • In 2009, 50 per cent of Americans consumed approximately 227 grams of sugar each day - equating to 81.6 kg per year.2.

The recommended daily intake of sugar is 35grams each day

Probiotics (Good Bacteria)

The current daily consumption of probiotic bacteria (the good ones) is a million times less than our stone age acestos.3.

So in these two simple examples we can see that the foods that we were eating for thousands of years are no longer found in the average persons diet.  And we wonder why we are getting sicker?

How do you stack up?

- Lachie Taylor

  1. Eaton, Eaton and Konner, Paleolithic Nutrition revisited: A twelve year retrospective on its nature and implications. Eur J. of Clinical Nutr. 1997 52;207-216

  2. Study curtesy of the Natural Society

  3. Bengmark, S M.D. Ph.D. Immunonutrition: role of biosurfactants, fibre, and probiotic bacteria. Nutrition 1998:14:585-594

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